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Guide entry pi
Guide entry pi

October 30th, 2006, 9:45 pm


While I have not uploaded 100 episodes of this comic, I have written them. All 100 of them are downloadable here, so enjoy. Enjoy!

September 18th, 2006, 6:47 am

The Characters

I've noticed that all of my characters follow various archetypes. I should analyse these immediately! Right away, sir.

For the unlikely event of someone actually reading this, this is probably a forum for my own thoughts on my comic.

Alan the Atheist: Alan isn't indicative of all Atheists, or even most Atheists. He is the educated Atheist. He spends a lot of his time on forums, or in books of philosophy. He knows many Bible verses off by heart. Sometimes in untranslated form.

Alan is probably alone in his town as an Atheist, and as a result, turns to various online friends. He feels it's condescending when someone who knows he is an Atheist and says "God Bless you" when saying goodbye.

He wears a jacket and cargo pants, for reference.

Thad the Theist: Thad is the epitomy of teenage fundamentalism. He believes the Bible is the inspired word of God, and that the entire Book is to be taken at face value.

We all know someone like this. Often, you see him on an atheist forum, spelling incredibly poorly, using shoddy grammer, and being incredibly insulting and condescending. He knows the major, mainstream tenets of his brand of Christianity, but refuses to acknowledge that bad parts exist.

He always wears a tasteless jumper and jeans. The jumper probably is from a Christian Rock band.

Militant Ministries: Not a character, per se, but they've appeared in two episodes now. The Militant Ministries is probably led by a charismatic person who also has very strong ideologies. Perhaps his name is Peter the Pastor. The entire group will generally be made up of people around 21 or less.

Militant Ministries is essentially a Christian version of the Taliban, although less hardcore. They are fueled by hatred of evolutionary theory and abortion (and various other topics that the typical Fundie does not condone).

They don't wear marking clothing of any kind, although apparently they wear white mittens, white jumpers, white trousers, white face paint, and white shoes and are apparently bored.

Barry the Bishop: Barry represents the part of the Catholic that preaches, but doesn't follow. He wakes up late on Sundays, and swears a lot. He probably swears the most in this comic.

Maybe I should set up a poll somewhere on the internet to see if you know any of these people...

September 16th, 2006, 12:46 am

The start of a new era

Ok... I've done my fiftieth comic. I haven't uploaded all of them, but it is my fiftieth. Maybe when I get to 100, I'll zip 'em and place the link for download everywhere.

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